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     ANDREW FAIRCHILD (born 1974) recently released his second children’s picture book Rose and Her Amazing Nose which sends a positive message to readers, ages 5 – 10, that being different can truly be amazing.  Rose and Her Amazing Nose has been awarded a five star read from Reader’s Favorite and nominated for the North Texas children’s book award.  His first children’s book Bali and Blu: Friends of a Different Color addresses issues of bullying and racial issues on a more adult level.  Andrew has been captivating readers both young and old with his colorful heart-felt stories which he draws from his own difficult childhood.


     In addition to contributing his beautiful stories to the literary world, Andrew is an advocate for children’s literacy.  He also serves as a volunteer and Ambassador to Texas Children’s Hospital for which he donates 25% of all sales to the hospital annually.

     Andrew was born and raised in a small Mississippi town.  His younger years were quite difficult.  He grew up from a poor family background and was bullied, abused and made fun of for being different.  He escaped from the difficulties of life by exploring his love of drawing, writing and reading in the hopes of utilizing his talents to help those of similar backgrounds.  He started writing poetry at the young age of fifteen and 


published his first poem Death Need Not Worry in a book anthology called Whispers.  He has written over three-hundred fifty poems to date and hopes to someday publish them in a collection. 


     Andrew now resides in Houston Texas with his fiancé, two dogs (China and Mya) and his cat (Church) and is a current member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.)  Andrew spends most of his time writing children’s stories which are influenced by his love of poetry and his personal difficult childhood background.  He is currently working on his first YA chapter book titled Garden of the Forgotten Archives, an exclusive preview of chapter one can be read on his blog at  Other children’s picture book titles that are in the works are Have you seen my egg? and Mr. Tinker makes the Impossible Possible.  The literary world has definitely found a gem as his readers eagerly anticipate his next influential children’s book.

Faith Of A Faithless Man



The ties are tight,

he struggles at night.

To be free,

for his chance to see.

Over the clouds,

beyond the rain.

Past his scecrets,

beyond his years of pain.

A life so pure and free,

as strong as a sycamore tree.

Branches strong,

roots that are firm.

Deep in faith

is his only salvation.

Raise me Lord,

raise me high...

For you know how I've tried

and yet I continue to try.

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