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The Author enjoys writing with a sense of humor and yet always manages to sneak in a life story.  Although "Bali and Blu: Friends of a Different Color" is his first published work, he has written many stories awaiting to be discovered.  His illustrations are always captivating.  His words always fun and endearing.  His lessons always true and dear to his heart.

Bali and Blu: Friends of a Different Color

Release: December 2014

Bali and Blu: Friends of a Different Color is written and illustrated by Andrew Fairchild. Bali is a little elephant who has an unusual best friend. Not another elephant, but a tiny grasshopper. Bali thinks he needs to change for it to be acceptable for him to have a friend who is so different to an elephant. He tries various ways to change, including painting himself another color, or making himself look like the grasshopper by having wings. However hard he tries, he realizes it won’t make any difference. But the real difference is only in size which doesn’t stop the two creatures from still being friends.

TOPICS BOOK ADDRESSES: Racism, Prejudice and Bullying.


Rose and Her Amazing Nose


Release: October 2015

Cute, cute, cute! Rose and Her Amazing Nose by Andrew W. Fairchild follows a little girl, Rose, who has a gigantic nose, in this children's book intended for kindergarten through third grade reading. Instead of feeling sorry for herself or being upset about her grand sized nose, Rose explains how her nose fits her perfectly. She is a positive and upbeat little girl who says she would miss her big nose if she didn't have it because then her glasses might fall off her face, she couldn't pretend it was a trumpet, she couldn't smell roses as easily, and several more wonderful reasons.


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Have You Seen My Egg?


Release: April 2017

Have You Seen My Egg? is an endearing story about following your heart and allowing true love to be your guide. The story opens with the main character, Red the rooster, awakening from a dream about having his own egg. It is a dream that he has often and believes to be true, but normally roosters don't have eggs. Convinced that he does, Red goes on a quest to find his egg. On his farm a group of hens explain to Red, that having eggs is simply a hen's job. Refusing to believe the news, Red goes on a journey. On his journey, he runs into fellow farm friends who are eager to help him find his missing egg. Red encounters many obstacles along the way, but refuses to give up despite life's unforeseen hurdles.  Will Red ever find his egg?  Read this book with your child to see if Red's dream comes true.

TOPICS BOOK ADDRESS: Perseverance, Adoption, Unconditional Love, Following                                      your dreams

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