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Have You Seen My Egg - Softcover

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Have You Seen My Egg? is an endearing story written by multi-award winning author Andrew Fairchild. This is a children's fiction picture book about following your heart and allowing true love to be your guide. Have You Seen My Egg? is beautifully illustrated by Melissa Shultz-Jones.

The story opens with the main character, Red the rooster, awakening from a dream. It is a dream that he has often and believes to be true, but normally roosters don't have eggs. Convinced that he does, Red goes on a quest to find his egg.

On his farm a group of hens explain to Red, that having eggs is simply a hen's job. Refusing to believe the news, Red goes on a journey. On his journey, he runs into fellow farm friends who are eager to help him find his missing egg.

Red encounters many obstacles along the way, but refuses to give up despite life's unforeseen hurdles.

This simple tale encourages children to follow their heart and dreams no matter how unreal they may seem and also addresses issues that adults will identify with, such as adoption. It is an ideal book for a parent to read to a child and to explain the true meaning of the story.

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